Today, Team Ascension is extremely proud to announce that we will be acquiring a majority of the IvDgaming roster and staff.

Since their inception, IvD have been a paragon of what a well-run team should be. From hosting dozens of public tournaments to supporting a roster of extremely talented players, it goes without saying that their impact on the scene will be long lasting.

“Before meeting the IvD players and staff, I was pretty nervous in that I didn’t know quite what to expect. I quickly learned that they are a group of realistic and down to earth individuals, traits that I personally try to instill within Team Ascension. Above all, I’m extremely honored that after deliberation, IvD’s players and staff decided to make TA their new home. I’ve always held IvD in the highest regards as one of the few organizations that treated their members right and gave back to the scene. I will be doing all I can to make sure TA meet the expectations of all its members, new and old.”

Travis “AprilTerran” Yang
Team Ascension General Manager

“IvD Gaming had a great run. We went from a rag-tag bunch of guys to being a premier NA team. Sadly, today we have to close our doors. To be as cliché as possible, it was a hell of a ride! We would especially like to thank all of our fans who supported us through thick and thin. I love all of our players, past and present, dearly and we will all cherish our time under the IvD flag. After a lot of discussion and consideration we have decided to stay together but to go ahead and move down the block. The remaining IvD players and myself will be moving in with our good friends over at Team Ascension. We would all like to thank them for giving us all a new home (<3). Together, I know, we will succeed as never before!”

David “Dyne” Lujan
IvDgaming Professional SC2 Manager

“Super excited about welcoming back some old friends and inviting in some new ones. Our 2015 is already off to a great start, and now we’re fortunate enough to add in some great players with unique playstyles and personalities. I’m certain of one thing this year: there will never be a dull moment.”

Nick “Kamker” McGregor
Team Ascension A Team Captain

“It should come as no surprise that IvD was struggling a bit after it was announced that intense, Phog, and puCK had left the team in recent months with no new acquisitions. Rather than trying to rebuild our squad from the ground up we chose to join forces with an organization that has similar goals to IvD – provide a good environment and as much support for players as possible while looking for every opportunity they can to make a splash in the scene. I hope everyone who supported IvD will continue supporting us and the rest of Team Ascension in the future!”

Nick “Pokebunny” Taber

Now lets get into the details. Here are the players that will be joining our family!


  • (P) Bones
  • (T) Pokebunny
  • (T) Zan
  • (T) RuFF
  • (Z) NoRegreT

Thanks to everyone for the continued support! We will continue giving it our all of our players and fans.

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