“I am excited to welcome Sloth E-Sports to the Team Ascension family! Sloth E-Sports is a startup from Binghamton, New York, specializing in top quality gaming peripherals. In addition to helping support regional eSport events and teams, they donate a portion of their proceeds to help support a lovely sloth at the Binghamton Zoo.

With this new partnership fans will start seeing our players utilizing SlothMat Pro mouse surfaces and sporting SlothFur shirts both online and at live events.

click here As with all our partners, I will be putting in 110% to make sure Team Ascension does its part in earning this support.”

buy it – Travis Yang, General Manager Team Ascension

“We at Sloth E-Sports are proud to announce a new brood of Slothlings within the Sloth Swarm, Team Ascension. Sloth E-Sports will be providing Team Ascension and their StarCraft 2 and League of Legends squads with SlothMats and SlothFur apparel!

As a professional and long standing organization, Team Ascension deserves high quality gaming peripherals and apparel for their ranks! We’re pumped about this new partnership and wish them luck in their upcoming leagues and tournaments!”

click here – Stefan Oliveira, Founder Sloth E-Sports


You can learn more about Sloth E-Sports and show them some love via social media:

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