Today we’re extremely proud to officially announce the title sponsorship of Team Ascension by Sloth E-Sports. In part with the sponsorship, Team Ascension has re-branded to Sloth E-Sports Club and will remain as such for the duration of the relationship.

Those familiar with the semi-pro/pro NA scene know that new support for the community has become increasingly rare over the years. If professional StarCraft is to continue, the infrastructure must exist for new talent to rise. By providing gear, travel assistance, and rewards to players just below the established elite, Sloth E-Sports is demonstrating a unique commitment to the sustainability of the scene. Needless to say, this is an incredible opportunity for players seeking to reach the top. On a broader scale, Sloth has proven itself to be devoted to grassroots organizations across multiple titles by sponsoring teams and LANs around the country, including recent SC2 events like Cheesadelphia 3 & 4.

As mentioned above, Sloth E-Sports Club will now be able to put more resources towards supporting players to regional events. This is especially beneficial with WCS DreamHack events all hosting open brackets. In addition to events, we’re also working to create some neat incentive programs to help our players that are actively (or getting into) streaming.

Here are some statements from both management and players:

“As someone who has grown with this team since the day it was created, I’m so extremely happy to be apart of this next step in writing the team’s history. Since the beginning in 2010 as Team .SCA and through all the highs and lows as Team Ascension, these have been the best years of my life so far. Being able to meet new people and support players towards achieving their goals is what drives me to keep going every day, and working with Stefan and Sloth is bringing that to the next level.”

-Travis “AprilTerran” Yang, Co-Owner & General Manager

“Since I was a young slothling playing Quake, BroodWar, and 1.6 I have been a fan of Competitive PC Gaming. Luckily with our successes in the last year at Sloth E-Sports, the opportunity arose when I reached out to Travis Yang about a possible re-branding for Team Ascension. Their organization has valiantly stood the test of time during the ebbs and flows of the scene, and have some the best people I’ve met in the last year of travelling, sponsoring, and coordinating events. It humbles me to be able to help a group of passionate players, managers, and coaches who truly work everyday to improve.

It is my truest intention to help create an environment that will keep every member of our organization hungry for success. If Sloth E-Sports can help in even a half of percentage of growth for these players, my goal has been met. To E-Sports, To Starcraft, and to Sloth E-Sports Club.”

-Stefan “smu” Oliveira, Co-Owner & Manager

“Team Ascension has been the only team I’ve ever felt comfortable calling “home,” and I am confident that this rebranding will only change things for the better. This is a roster that I am proud of and truly excited to progress alongside.”

-Jay “Raze” Whipple, eSloth Professional Captain

“I am happy to be part of the newly acquired Sloth E-Sports organization once again, the changes and improvements made with the acquisition have made me confident that returning to this organization is the right choice. I’m excited to be joining a strong roster of some of the most talented NA players and am looking forward to representing Sloth both in competition and on Twitch in 2017. Please follow and cheer for us and we won’t let you down!”

-Nick “Pokebunny” Taber, eSloth Professional

Our Current SC2 Lineups

eSloth Professional

  • Max “Astrea” Angel (P)
  • Jackson “Bioice” Wroblewski (Z)
  • Adam “Creature” Block (P)
  • Stephen “GAMETIME” Ankawi (Z)
  • Nick “Kamker” McGregor (T)
  • Nick “Pokebunny” Taber (T)
  • Jay “Raze” Whipple (T) ♕
  • Robbie “Tesla” Plata (P)

eSloth Academy

  • Diego “Darkness” Garcés (P)
  • Paul “Dolan” Dolan (T)
  • Joshua “Early” Buchanan (P) ♕
  • Joseph “FuturE” Anthony (T)
  • Dustin “Jamileon” Hulse (P)
  • Braden “McMonroe” Wasson (Z)
  • Kevin “omgabanana” Yu (P)
  • Preston “TAGurPRGNANT” Tung (T)
  • Taylor “xKawaiian” Vinson (T)


  • Travis “AprilTerran” Yang – Co-Owner, General Manager
  • Stefan “smu” Oliveira – Co-Owner, Manager
  • Mark “Konviction” West – eSloth Professional Manager
  • Theodoros “Torkk” Kacavas – eSloth Academy Manager
  • Richie “VampyWorm” Grajek – Event Manager

Where you can find us:

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